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My Baby is 6 months old and has never liked water on her face so she hated swimming when we first started, Kim and Karen convinced me that she would get used to this and not to abandon. After a few lessons they were right she stopped crying when she got splashed and now she is actually so relaxed when floating unaided she falls asleep ands a little moan when we disturb her at the end of the lesson.

I can’t recommend Bebes Amphibies enough they are so patient with the children and parents like me lol.

Thank you

Debbie Reynolds

I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Both boys are amazing in the water thanks to Kim and Karen and Team. Each child is treated individually and works at their own pace. The Team are all so patient. My youngest who had the biggest fear of any water on his face, can now swim 100meters unaided, for us that is more than we ever thought he would do. I just wish every swimming school would teach this method rather than be kitted out with goggles and floats and armbands.

Cant recommend Bebes Amphibies highly enough.

Tracy Lee

Les Bebes Amphibies are fantastic! My 4 year old nephew had lessons with other company’s for 2 years and didn’t even know how to float yet. We started with Bebes Amphibies a little over a month ago. I have watched as my nephew has learned how to swim and how he has grown in confidence. Kim is a fabulous teacher so kind and works well with my nephew even when she was screamed at for most of the lesson. Everything is explained so well and she has the patience of a saint. Thank you

Charlie Appleby

Fantastic results by professional teachers. Their skill and patience with the children is amazing. I have 2 children that attend these swimming lessons 3.5 years and 7 month old and would recommend them to anyone.

Claire Pedley

The posters say that their aim is for children to swim 25m unaided before they are 3 years old. I can’t say I was convinced! but anyway I gave it a go and my son turns 3 next week and can actually do it easily! He loves swimming and we always get lots of comments from people when we go swimming and they see him ump in and swim back to the side to do it again and again…. Thank you Kim and Karen, I’m delighted at the progress that Oliver has made xxx

Julie Brooks

After 12 months using different swimming clubs where our 5 year old son was pulled up and down the pool, wearing goggles and with a float, we wanted somewhere that would give him essential life saving skills and teach him to actually swim. Kim and Karen have a no-nonsense and firm approach which is invaluable for learning to swim, especially when working with stubborn and often unwilling little ones like ours! Amazed that after a couple of sessions Robert was swimming alone on his back up and down the pool without any flotation devices. We’re about 17 lessons in now and he can dive (his favourite thing in the world!) and swim with clothes and shoes on Another plus is that he will have his hair washed now without wearing goggles! Triumph. We just have to accomplish face in swimming now, but we know he will get there with the help from Kim and Karen. Thank you

Kirsty Tidman

Best decision I ever made bringing my son Harrison here. My little boy refused to do anything to help himself in the water for no other reason than stubbornness. Kim and Karen helped him in every single way they could. Using all their skills they have developed over the years and their pure passion for these methods. I’m so pleased they did! He loves the water now, he’s confident, and progressing wonderfully. I couldn’t be prouder of him and them. As much as my son is having fun here, he is also, and more importantly being taught how to be safe in the water. That alone as a parent is very reassuring. I have always and will always recommend these classes to everyone, Thank you for all you have done for Harrison.

Alicia Doyle

My son started a few weeks ago, previously he was terrified of swimming. Now he is confidently diving in and swimming both on his back and his front. I can see progression every single time. Amazing! So impressed we signed our daughter up too.

Wished we’d done it sooner. We’ve tried two other places for swimming lessons but they just do not compare. The teaching style and some one on one has had them both coming on leaps and bounds.

Thank you

Julie Anne Dearn

Our 2.5 year old and 8 month old boys attend these classes. They each gained so much in just a few short weeks here than months and months at another swim school we tried.

It can be difficult to begin with because its a different way of teaching but the results speak for themselves.

My 2.5 year old can float and swim on his back unaided. He jumps into the water with confidence and can climb out independently. My 8 month old can float on his back unaided and after only 3 classes! I wish I had taken my eldest when he was younger.

Thank you Kim and Karen x

Marianne Brazier

This  group is a must! After just nine lessons, my three year old has gone from scared of the water, to being able jump in, turn onto his back and swim a length of the pool. We are immensely proud of what he has achieved in such a short space of time, as is he. The support, encouragement and calm atmosphere created by both Kim and Karen is why it is so successful. We prefer this group as it is nice to go to a swimming group that is focused on the children gaining skills rather than singing songs.

Rachel and Roman Barr

Harry joined at 18 months and is now 3.5 years. He is a great little swimer now and I feel confident that he can cope in the water should he fall in. Great lessons teaching an invaluable life skill.

Sadie – Harry’s Mom

Kim and Karen are dedicated and passionate about teaching children, not only to swim but most importantly, to save their life. We started attending lessons with Kim at Bebes Amphibies 4 and a half years ago after a friend recommended it to us. We were amazed and thrilled with the rapid progress our 2 young children made. At the time they were 2yrs old and 11months old. Within 10 weeks they were both able to float independently and before much longer had passed their self survival test. From then onwards they made rapid progress learning various strokes and developing their confidence. Currently our youngest child, who has just turned 1, is able to float in her pyjamas for 20 minutes WITHOUT flotation devices! She is so relaxed that she often falls asleep in the water. We cannot recommend these classes highly enough. Our children LOVE to swim and that is thanks to Kim and Karen and the amazing Bebes Amphibies swimming techniques.


Natasha Archer

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