Our lessons are well worth the price!

Our lessons are a little more expensive than some lessons, yet not as expensive as others! This is normal as we offer some ONE to ONE hands on tuition to every child in every lesson with maximum 4 students per teacher, most clubs have 8 to 12 students per lesson.

Our instructors work with EVERY child and mother individually! We do not stand on the side or stand in the middle of a group and tell you what to do we do it with you and your baby individually, this allows us to offer lessons tailored to each child’s needs and development.

Our results are rapid, which means it’s cheaper in the long run, most of our 3 year olds can swim minimum 100m. None of the children you see on our homepage video had more than 15 lessons at the time the videos were taken.

We invest heavily in making sure our lessons are safe, and have the most progressive program out there.

Why choose us?

Our Instructors are amongst the best trained teachers in the world of babies swimming and Les Bébés Amphibies Int. has almost 50 years of experience
We only rent warm pools, this provides maximum comfort and promotes the learning.
We offer guaranteed results in set amount of lessons for the Self-Survival Test
We work individually with each child, no exceptions. This provides far superior results than telling the parents what to do

Prices are as follows

Birth to 24 months – maximum 6 babies per class with a teacher and parent for each child in the water(max age 12 months )

£114.00 for 8 weeks  (max 6 children per class)

From 24 months to 3 years – maximum 4 children per class a teacher and parents (max age 36 months)

£114.00 for 8 weeks Max 4 children per class a teacher and a parent)

From 3 years to 5 years – maximum only 4 children per class (Max age 60 months)

£114.00 for 8 weeks (Max 4 children per class)

From 4 years to 8 years – maximum 4 children per class (max 96 months)

£114.00 for 8 weeks in semi-private Classes  (Max 4 children per teacher)

Advanced Levels Including life saving techniques From 5 years of age

£114.00 for 8 weeks  (Max 6 children from 5 years of age)

If we think your child is struggling we may offer extra lessons free of charge

10% Discount for additional siblings 

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