Prepare for the unexpected

You just might not be there…

Are Your Children Prepared For The Unexpected?

Are they able to float up to 20 minutes and more whilst they are fully clothed with shoes, trousers, jumper & a winter coat?

Jean Fouace founded Les Bébés Amphibies Int in 1967 in Switzerland. He believed in the idea that a moment of inattention should not cost a child his life. We couldn’t agree more!


Join us in our mission to STOP children from drowning!

Over the last 46 years we have had many occasions to share the joy of having helped save children’s lives. We have had parents saying that their babies and children have fallen into river’s – ponds – pools and even knocked over by waves and pulled out of their depth in the sea and survived, all due to the skills that they have been taught by Les Bébés Amphibies.

We teach them self survival skills first, then we teach them the correct swim strokes. We are very passionate about what we do and believe we are not just teaching a healthy sport but passing on a vital skill that could save their lives!

Never has there been a mission so truly rewarding as watching your children learn aquatic safety and swimming skills, seeing the pride on their little faces when they get out of the pool, as the love and ease of being in the water gets stronger with each lesson.

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