Booking Information

First time Booking with us? Let’s make this easier for you

Email us:

stating your preferred days – age of child and level if they have already started learning to swim

And we will get you booked in asap

We have spent quite some time developing our own custom booking system. The system is straight forward, in fact it’s as easy as 1,2,3! Once you are signed up you will be able to view our lessons, Book your 4 weeks holidays outside of our annual closures, you will also be able to view your subscription, use your vouchers and book any additional lessons if required.

All information exchanged between our server and your computer is encrypted.

We do not sell or share your information.



Click on the booking button and sign up. This process will ask you for your contact information.


Add your child(ren)

Add your child(ren) to your profile. Age, swimming experience and anything you want us to know will be asked here.


Book your slot

Check out the available time slots appropriate for your child(ren) and book. This slot will be yours for the period you paid for. At this time payment will be requested.

Print your start date voucher and bring it with you to your lesson.

If you turn up at the pool without this voucher or proof of booking via mobile phone or tablet you will not be able to start your lessons. Unfortunately you will lose this lesson.

Our lessons run throughout the year and you can book at any time. We close for some bank holidays and others we stay open and take a day off in lieu so that it is not always Mondays students that are disrupted. If your lessons falls on a bank holiday we will replace that session, so don’t worry, you won’t loose out! We close for 6 weeks holiday per year, including 3 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks at Christmas. Please check the booking system for holiday dates! 

Once you select a time slot that works for you, it is yours for ten consecutive weeks. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you provide us with 30 full days notice (midnight to midnight) of cancellation by cancelling your subscription on the first page of your dashboard.

Renewing your booking sessions
To ensure your place is secured from term to term we automatically rebook you for the next 10 weeks unless you have cancelled on your dashboard giving us at least 30 full days notice.

Please note that if your payment for a renewal is not received before the deadline date for any reason, we can not guarantee the reservation of your day and time for the next 8 weeks.