Kim and Karen are dedicated and passionate about teaching children, not only to swim but most importantly, to save their life. We started attending lessons with Kim at Bebes Amphibies 4 and a half years ago after a friend recommended it to us. We were amazed and thrilled with the rapid progress our 2 young children made. At the time they were 2yrs old and 11months old. Within 10 weeks they were both able to float independently and before much longer had passed their self survival test. From then onwards they made rapid progress learning various strokes and developing their confidence. Currently our youngest child, who has just turned 1, is able to float in her pyjamas for 20 minutes WITHOUT flotation devices! She is so relaxed that she often falls asleep in the water. We cannot recommend these classes highly enough. Our children LOVE to swim and that is thanks to Kim and Karen and the amazing Bebes Amphibies swimming techniques.