Mika Lester

Swim Instructor

Why did I choose to become a “Les Bébés Amphibies” Instructor

Hello my name is Mika, I am Kim’s son I was born in Switzerland and have dual nationality British/Swiss. I was taught the Jean Fouace aquatic safety method myself when I was about 3 years old and apparently was very stubborn! but by the age of 4 I was a confident swimmer and could swim breast stroke, backstroke and crawl, I could also swim 15 metres underwater, and Jean Fouace trained me to dive with an excellent posture.  I was just under 7 years of age when I passed all of the exercises that was asked of a 12 year old, participating in a junior lifesaving certificate course, unfortunately I was refused the certificate due to my young age.

I was taught by Jean Fouace himself in Villars Sur Ollon in Switzerland, I was top of my class/year in swimming and could easily swim 500 metres in any stroke and was so proud of myself as most of the other kids in my class could barely do a length.  This was thanks to the Jean Fouace Method, which is why I want to teach these important life-saving skills to other children and help my mom and Karen on their Mission to STOP Children Drowning.

When I was 16 years old I trained with the SSS – Society Suisse Sauvetage, and became a Lifeguard in Valais Switzerland, also teaching children to swim (classic swim lessons). I moved to Austria for a few years working as Marketing Manager for Red Bull, I was also a part time ski instructor.  I have finally moved back home to my mom’s origins in England, where I have now passed my STA Level 2 Swimming Teachers Certificate and starting my career as an instructor for “Les Bébés Amphibies Int.” 

My goal is to help my mom and Karen take this business forward, opening pools throughout the UK and abroad, teaching the life-saving skills founded by Jean Fouace in 1967 and continued by my mom Kim Lester and her business partner Karen Lolli giving as many children as possible the chance to learn these amazing skills of aquatic safety and become excellent little swimmers keeping them as safe as possible.

I look forward to meeting you all