Harry joined at 18 months and is now 3.5 years. He is a great little swimer now and I feel confident that he can cope in the water should he fall in. Great lessons teaching an invaluable life skill.

Sadie – Harry’s Mom

Kim and Karen are dedicated and passionate about teaching children, not only to swim but most importantly, to save their life. We started attending lessons with Kim at Bebes Amphibies 4 and a half years ago after a friend recommended it to us. We were amazed and thrilled with the rapid progress our 2 young children made. At the time they were 2yrs old and 11months old. Within 10 weeks they were both able to float independently and before much longer had passed their self survival test. From then onwards they made rapid progress learning various strokes and developing their confidence. Currently our youngest child, who has just turned 1, is able to float in her pyjamas for 20 minutes WITHOUT flotation devices! She is so relaxed that she often falls asleep in the water. We cannot recommend these classes highly enough. Our children LOVE to swim and that is thanks to Kim and Karen and the amazing Bebes Amphibies swimming techniques.


Natasha Archer

My daughter who was aged 2 when we began has always enjoyed going swimming and was confident in the water. I thought she would take to it straight away but unfortunately this wasn’t the case even though she did everything that was asked of her she would cry for the whole time, which many can agree as a mother is awful to hear. However, Kim was amazing and has the patience of a saint, each lesson she would calm my daughter down, with a soft and calming voice and gave her the encouragement to continue. From week to week my daughter has got more and more confident and her techniques are coming along and this is down to the soft and calming approach of both Kim and Karen. So, if your reading my story it’s probably because you’re unsure if this is the class for you and your child. The answer is simple if you want your child to know the basic survival skills and be a good swimmer then this is the class for you! Kim and Karen cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you have given. The passion you both have, to make sure every child is safe and confident in the water is truly remarkable.

Ann Marie Adler – Esme’s Mom

When my sister recommended I took my 6 month old daughter to Bebes Amphibes, I was very unsure. I was adamant that she would learn to swim young but thought 6 months was too young. But Kim proved me wrong and I’m so glad I gave her the chance to do so! Hollie passed her self survival test before she was 8 months old and now loves her swimming! The results are incredible. As a Mum it is so important for me to equip Hollie with the survival skills that I hope she will never need to use and to give her the confidence and ability to enjoy the water safely-without floating aids that give a false sense of security! To have a teacher that I completely trust has enabled us to do this. Thank you Kim!

Fiona Ruck – Solihull

Swimming lessons are hard work for the children but the results are quick and amazing. We spent approximately £1000 on swimming lessons for our 2 children. After 3 lessons with Kim our 3 year old was jumping in to pool and swimming on her back to other side. Our 1 year old can float too. Really pleased with Bebes Amphibies and in our opinion this is the best course you could send your children on

Elaine and Matt Collins Marston Green

When we joined Bebe Amphibies, our son hated water and clung to us, screaming as we entered the pool. Within 9 lessons he was floating, un aided, fully clothed for 20 minutes, passing his self-survival test and now in lesson 13 he is jumping off the side with confidence, swimming on his back, retrieving items off the bottom of the pool and loving the water. He is so proud of himself and we are equally proud of him. The results are amazing. Thank you Bebes Amphibies

Clair Cleeton – Moseley

I am so impressed by the effectiveness of the course and cannot believe just how quickly my two year old daughter has learnt to float on her back unaided.
I cannot recommend Bebes Amphibies highly enough. In just twelve lessons my daughter is well on her way to passing her survival test and is gaining more confidence in the water every week. Every parent should know about Bebes Amphibies and every child should have the opportunity to learn this life saving technique.

Avril – Solihull

I had been taking my 2 year old son swimming since he was 8 weeks old. I tried 2 local schools and after 2 years and hundreds of pounds he hasn’t learnt anything (except a few songs). With just 10 lessons over 5 weeks with Bebes Amphibies Sam learnt how to jump in, float fully clothed for 20 minutes it was amazing. I’m so confident now that my son could save himself and that’s all thanks to Kim. He is going from strength to strength and can dive in and is not even 3 years old! Unbelievable results. Thanks Kim – now it’s my 11 week olds turn!!

Sarah, Sam & Ted Sharp Henley in Arden

Although there may be a few tears at first the look of pride on my daughter’s face at the end of each lesson is second to none A truly positive learning experience Kim is a committed and determined teacher.

Clare Gozra – Solihull

When we started swimming with bebes Amphibies, Oscar had only had a couple of ‘conventional’ lessons using floating aids. Kim made Oscar very comfortable and confident and he is now able to swim around the pool unaided at just 20 months. Yes we have had a few tears and tantrums – but the outcome and achievements are second to none and Oscar is so proud of how much he can now do. He jumps in, dives in, swims underwater, swims on his back alone and his front with help! No armband or float in sight! Amazing!

Absolutely 100% highly recommended – I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Claire Gardener – Sheldon