Les Bebes Amphibies Int.

We have been going now Since 1967 48 years of Experience in Self Survival Techniques,
We are Often Copied but Never Equaled, Our results are 2nd to none
Jean Fouace Method from Switzerland founded in 1967 –  
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(Please note ALL of the Toddlers in the background video have had less than 15 lessons)

Welcome to Les Bebes Amphibies International where we have over 26 years experience teaching babies, toddlers and Children the lifesaving skills of self survival and swimming techniques.
Where OUR main goal is the security of your children in and around water, we teach them Self-Survival Skills first in case they were ever to fall in the water and then we teach them to swim correct strokes.

All that we are at Les Bebes Amphibies Int, and our target is expressed through our mission: “STOP Children from Drowning.”  Never has there been a mission so truly rewarding, as watching your children learn Self Survival Skills, seeing the Proudness on their little faces when they get out of the pool, as the love and ease of being in the water gets stronger each lesson.

Our Target is that ALL children should be able to swim at LEAST 25 metres without ANY buoyancy aid what so ever by the time they are 3 years old. The national curriculum is 25 metres at 11 Years!  
Les Bébés Amphibies Int. believe this is too late. OUR goal is at least 25m by the age of 3

We are very passionate about what we do as we are not just teaching a healthy sport we are teaching your children a vital skill that could save their lives, please take time to read through the different pages of our website and see how our Self-Survival & Swimming skills swimming can benefit your family.

Are Your Children Prepared For The Unexpected?

Are they able to float for upto 20 minutes and more

whilst they are fully clothed with shoes, trousers, jumper & a winter coat?

Join us in our mission to STOP children from drowning

We teach them to do this before we teach them to swim and then we teach them the correct swim strokes


Our Classes are limited to 4 children per session, one adult per child plus the teacher are in the water with them, the teacher gives hands on teaching.

We use no Buoyancy aids what so ever due to the fact that they give your child a false sense of security in the water and most of them put the child in a vertical position in the water which is not a desired position for swimming!

Our lessons are tailored to the needs and development of each individual child.  

May 1991


Swimming is the ONLY sport that can save lives “says Prince William”

Teach your Children the

Bébés Amphibies Self-Survival & Swimming Skills Founded in Switzerland in 1967


Top Left: Louie 2 years old – Center Oliver 15 months – Right: Poppy 2 years old
Bottom left: Millie 3 years old – Right: Tianna 18 months