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Les Bébés Amphibies International - Aquatic Safety & Swimming Skills

Jean Fouace Method from Switzerland, founded in 1967

Welcome to Les Bébés Amphibies Int. Aquatic Safety & Swimming Skills

Our main goal is your child’s safety in and around water! First we teach them Aquatic Safety Skills, which were developed in Switzerland and officially founded in 1967. These skills were designed and perfected to enable children to float for upto 20 minutes, giving them that extra time for help to arrive, should they find themselves in a difficult situation in the water.

We believe that every child should be able to swim without any buoyancy aid for a minimum of 25 metres by the age of 3 and most definitely be a confident swimmer before they start school. The current national curriculum in the United Kingdom is 25 meters at 11 Years! We at Les Bébés Amphibies International believe this is too late. Once your child has mastered the Aquatic Safety Skills we move on to various swimming techniques.

Please note: Due to the fact that our children work very hard in their lessons maximum lesson time in the pool for children under 4 years of age is maximum 20 minutes there will always be some 1 to 1 time with an instructor.

Babies from 0 to 16 months with max 6 per class (Babies under 12 months are slowly built up to 20 minutes maximum. The instructor may stop your lesson at anytime if they think your baby is tired or cold as the health and safety of your child is our prime concern.

Children from 16 months to 8 years will always have a maximum of 4 per teacher/class until they can swim the width of the pool on front and back without help.

Our swim alone and classes and our advanced classes have up to 6 max per class.

We are very passionate about what we do; we don’t just teach a healthy sport, we teach your children vital safety skills that may save their lives.

Our Aquatic Safety & Swimming Skills Programme

0 - 16 months with up to 6 max per class

We teach your children aquatic safety skills! We introduce babies from birth to floating in a horizontal position. This is the safest position for a baby as they aren’t strong enough to be able to keep their head above the water on their front. There are maximum 6 babies per class up to the age of 16 months, then maximum 4 per class from 16 months up. Once they can do this we teach them other safety skills & to swim, jump and dive.

16 months - 4 years with upto max 4 per class

Give your child the knowledge Be as safe as possible and if ever they were to fall in the water by rolling on to their back and floating fully clothed, this is followed by teaching them the 3 main traditional strokes such as Backstroke, Crawl, Breast stroke, surface diving recovering objects from bottom of pool and distance swimming.

4 - 8 years with upto max 4 per class

We believe that every child should be able to swim at least 25 meters in at least one stroke by the age of 3 years old, from 4 to 6 years old we then start perfecting their strokes. Most of our 4 year olds can swim 100 to 400 meters in at least one stroke. They also learn survival skills & swimming fully clothed with shoes and winter coat.

6 - 8 years Beginners upto max 4 per class

Whether they are total beginners or can swim a little we will teach them Aquatic Safety Skills that could save their lives if ever they were to fall in, swimming fully clothed they will learn Breast stroke, Backstroke and Crawl, jumping in, surface dives, retrieving objects from the bottom, distance swimming and stroke perfection & distance swimming.

Swim alone & Advanced classes from 4 years old with upto 6 max per class

These groups are reserved for our more advanced students, that can already swim breast stroke, Backstroke, Crawl, etc. They will learn lifesaving skills, stroke perfection, recovery position, Basic knowledge of CPR How to help someone in distress, underwater swimming, retrieving objects from the bottom, distance swimming. Bronze Silver Gold Levels.

Advantages of regular swimming

Swimming with your baby is an exciting, enriching experience for both parent and child. While we are teaching your child life Aquatic Safety Skills, they will also be enhancing their communication and social skills among many others.


Helps to keep you fit and healthy

Swimming with your children is good for their health & development, and can allow them to become interested in competitive swimming as they grow older. Swimming provides a complete physical work-out, strengthening the baby’s heart and lungs and also helps to develop the functioning of the brain with swimming all 5 senses  – taste, smell, touch, sight and sound are stimulated.

Is a vital life saving skill

Drowning is the second largest cause of accidental death amongst young children in Europe. Learning to float until help arrives, holding on, getting out or swimming could one day save the life of your child, Bébés Amphibies teaches these life saving skills from birth.

Aids physical development

Being in the water helps improve co-ordination and balance. Babies who can swim have better balance and can grasp objects more easily. Their coordination is also usually more developed than those who can’t swim. Learning to float and turn on to their back means that babies use more energy and strengthen their muscles faster in water than they do on land.

Improves psychological well being

Babies and young children learn to swim without being able to touch the bottom of the pool, so they are not afraid to swim in deep water. Whether the floor is 1 metre or 10 metres away, it’s all the same to them. Exercises that involve moving around the pool independently in the water and learning to hold on to the side are really good for your baby’s confidence.

Helps to develop social skills

Swimming strengthens the bond and trust between you and your child creates a special bond between parent and baby.

Babies tend to learn quicker

You can start from birth! Responding to repetitive voice commands can sharpen your baby’s mental skills and increase their levels of understanding. A German study found that swimming babies had advanced motor development, social skills and intelligence.

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A team of professionals

Les Bébés Amphibies instructors are fully trained and qualified in both Aquatic Safety and Swimming Skills & various other swimming techniques.

Proud to teach children from Birth through to Junior Competition level.

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