Danielle Curry

Swim Instructor

Why did I choose to become a “Les Bébés Amphibies” Instructor?

Hello my name is Danielle
From a young child I enjoyed any water activity, with is enthusiasm and lessons I became a strong swimmer.
After leaving school I knew that the leisure industry was where my future lay, so while studying I became a receptionist for leisure, I enjoyed every minute of this but wanted to progress so became an STA qualified swimming teacher by the age of 19.
My career then took a different path as I spent two years training to be a police officer for West Midlands police, just as I passed my training I found out I was expecting my daughter so this was no longer an option to pursue.
My daughter was born in 2011, the most precious and wonderful thing, while I loved every minute of motherhood I always had a fear of my daughter being by water so Bebe amphibies was an opportunity not to be missed.
By the time my daughter was 3 years old she could swim 400m and more importantly had the skills to save herself in and around water should she need to.
My son was then born in 2015, through Bebe amphibies method he has gone from a newborn that cried when ever in water to a confident little swimmer who also has the skills to save himself.
I have seen through first hand the results that the Bebe amphibies method and the teachers can achieve, so was very privileged when asked by Kim and Karen to join there team and become a Bebe amphibies swimming teacher.
I am very proud and will give my all to help Kim and Karen on their mission to help stop children from drowning and to give the children the aquatic skills to become excellent little swimmers and more importantly help to keep them as safe as possible.
I look forward to meeting you